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Has Tesla Changed The World ?

Posted by Motorcount Ltd. on

Tesla has been at the front of fully electric cars for over a decade now and there is always a big buzz about the latest designed and models. From the falcon wing doors of the model X to the new model 3 and its sentry mode which will record using all of the on-board cameras when it is moved or touched.

Now they are look back at the SUV market. The model Y shares a lot of design features with the new model 3s interior and exterior and has an option for seven seats like the wonderful Model X. The load space is excellent boasting a huge 1900 litres of room in the five-seat car including the front boot space. The handling is as good as we have come to expect now from Tesla, mostly because the batteries beneath the floor give a low centre of gravity improving the ride from the off. Not sure about it not having a key. It is started using an app on your smart phone. Sounds a little hackable to me. It is due for release due in late 2020 and as with the model 3 it can be pre ordered now through the website.

But there is a new kid on the bloke. The Rivian R1S and R1T. Now electric concept cars are nothing new and have popped up and disappeared regularly. In fact, there is not a motor show that goes by without a new all electric motor company that will revolutionise the way we drive. But I think Rivian is different. They have had 500 million invested in them by Ford and another 700 million by amazon. It looks like Ford will pick up the ‘Skateboard chassis’ for its mustang inspired SUV. Amazon might just be after the battery technology that Rivian has spent the last few years developing. The R1T dose look like it fills a gap in the market that has been missed by the pop up electric companies. An all electric pick up with a 400 mile range and a 0-60 time of 3 seconds.

But looking at the quality of the interior design the smooth clean shapes and a large touch screen control panel. Makes for a minimalist big space with a smart futuristic finish good enough to go up against the big names in the motor industry.

The clever little storage design features like the extra space under the front bonnet and the clever cargo tunnel behind the rear seat that is accessible from the outside and has fold down doors that look like they would make a good seat.

The SUV has a spacious feel and there looks to be enough room for a family of seven to travel in comfort. So, have Tesla changed the world? Well if you have some of the world’s biggest companies in different sectors investing 1.2 billion on a North American start-up company because they are scared that there will be a monopoly on smart battery technology then I would say yes.

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