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All about the Hype

Posted by Motorcount Ltd. on

A show that will have petrol heads and non petrol heads alike on the edge of their seat watching muscle cars, drift cars and super cars up against each other in a series of obstacle courses that test the skill of the drivers and the ability of the cars. 

Enough water to make sure there is less grip than a polished iceberg, as well as some of the maddest obstacles you have ever scene for a car race. 

And what makes it all the more fun. Some of the drivers are mad or think they are immortal. 

Drivers from all backgrounds assembled from around the world, trying to become the champion. The best thing about it... It matters to these drivers. They are not there for the TV cameras. Are they show offs. Yes of course they are, they drive around sideways at 70 mph with strobe lights and V8 tuned up to braking point. But they all want to win. They are not there just to turn up. It is about driving fast with skill and above all winning.

Defending The Price Tag

The Land Rover Series 1, 2, 3 and Defender has been one of the best off road vehicles of all time. Land Rover released the Defender in 1983 with the 110, followed by the 90 in 1984. They produced the traditional Land Rover for 67 years, finally stopping the production in January 2016, and now, they've announced a [...]

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Has Tesla Changed The World ?

Tesla has been at the front of fully electric cars for over a decade now and there is always a big buzz about the latest designed and models. From the falcon wing doors of the model X to the new model 3 and its sentry mode which will record using all of the on-board cameras when it is moved [...]

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Logistics with Style

MS-RT have been working with Ford for a while now, I first noticed them on the M-Sport stand at last year's Festival of Speed at Goodwin. They had brought with them a Transit Custom nicely finished with the sort of styling highlights that spoke of a sporty understated class that peeks my interest. I especially [...]

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The New 1 Series Drops

It is no secret that the first 1 Series arrived back in 2004, and I hated it. It was boring with soft lines and a front like a hob nailed boot with sad eyes. The interior was just not pleasant. Yes the seats were nice and the driving position was good, it was still a [...]

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Start of The Season

After pre season testing it looks like Ferrari will have the stronger car this year and with Leclerc joining the team Vettel will have to pull his finger out and put in some great performances to keep the number one spot. I think the only reason they didn't win last year was the combination of [...]

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False Promises

The Toyota FS1 has been one of my favourite concept cars of the last couple of years. Announced in 2016 with rumours that it might take up the Supra mantel. Big boots to follow, the supra was a power house of the mod and drifting world and great fun to drive. Even now if you [...]

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All I Want for Christmas...

Are you a Christmas lover or hater?? This will get you loving Christmas again ;)It has been a long time since I sat circling things in the Argos book to ask the big man in red for. I am a lot older now and don't normally ask for much at this time of year however...  Lamborghini [...]

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Paris and Peugeot

Looking back over the Paris Motor Show this year it seemed a quiet affair. BMW had the new 3 Series on show, Mercedes with their new look B Class and Skoda revealed the vRS Kodiaq. All good, but more of the same from the big boys of european motoring. Or is it ? The thing that [...]

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