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Paris and Peugeot

Posted by Motorcount Ltd on


Looking back over the Paris Motor Show this year it seemed a quiet affair. BMW had the new 3 Series on show, Mercedes with their new look B Class and Skoda revealed the vRS Kodiaq. All good, but more of the same from the big boys of european motoring. Or is it ? 

The thing that caught my eye was the Peugeot stand. A cutting future electric concept with a blast from the past in design. The E-Legend takes hints from the old 504 coupe, but reminds me of the new breed of American muscle cars that have taken their lead from the original V8 mustangs, GTOs, and Chargers that all petrol heads have drooled over at one time or another.

With Peugeot's CEO hinting it could be a reality in the next five years, and with the new electric hybrid four wheel drive system (able to produce 296 bhp) available around the same time, is this the electric hybrid we have been waiting for ?